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2024 Stream Away SMA

Join us on October 11, 2023

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Team up with Cure SMA on our mission to Stream Away SMA! Together, we can use the power of live streaming to unlock new levels of impact for the SMA community. Everyone—from professional creators to gaming enthusiasts—is invited to participate by setting up a charity stream where you can spread awareness and raise funds for Cure SMA. Whether you’re gaming online, hosting a podcast, playing music, or just chatting, you can channel your skills and passions into a force for good. Will you be our player 2? Start streaming for a purpose today!

We're challenging you to a Streaming SMAck Down! This month, Cure SMA is hosting our first week-long global streaming campaign in celebration of Rare Disease Day. Are you ready to become a champion of change? Register to host a charity stream now and join others around the world who are going live between February 22-29 to help knock out SMA. Let's power-up the fight together! 

How to Get Involved

  1. Power up your charity stream. Create a fundraising page and connect your Twitch or other live streaming account. Need help getting started? Check out our Stream Away SMA Toolkit and other fundraising resources.
  2. Make it personal. Elevate your stream by using our media kit to personalize your page with branded overlays, backgrounds, and more!
  3. Level up your incentives. Make a list of incentives to help keep your audience engaged and activated throughout your stream. Check out our A-Z Miles & Incentives
  4. Spread the word. Promote your charity stream online. Be sure to tell people when and where your event is, what you’ll be streaming, and why you’re fundraising for Cure SMA.
  5. Prepare for launch. In addition to preparing equipment and software before your charity stream, make sure you’re ready to talk about Cure SMA! We have a list of Talking Points for Streamers that can help keep Cure SMA at the heart of your event.
  6. Stream Away SMA. You’re ready to stream for a purpose! You’re not just a player, you’re a game-changer for children and adults affected by SMA. With your help, we can make incredible achievements.