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Here you’ll find our answers to frequently asked questions about Cure SMA’s Stream Away SMA program. If your question is not answered below, please feel free to contact us at for assistance. 

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Whether you’re a professional gamer, an amateur creator, or brand new to the streaming world, you’re welcome to join in the fight to find a cure! Anyone can sign up to host a charity stream for Cure SMA! Think about what your passions, hobbies, and interests are and how you can share them with others in real time online. Many people choose to live stream themselves playing games, cooking, creating music, dancing, making art, putting on makeup, doing a DIY project, or even just chatting. The sky is the limit with how you choose to stream.

You can use whatever streaming platform works best for you-- like Twitch or YouTube. Many content creators opt to link their stream to a charity’s Tiltify to securely collect donations in real-time. No matter how you choose to stream away SMA, be sure to set up a fundraising page

During your stream, you can highlight Cure SMA in a few ways:

  • Utilize our Talking Points for Streamers to educate and raise awareness about spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

  • Inspire your community to take action and donate to your charity stream in real time.

  • Play a pre-recorded video about SMA or invite a Cure SMA staff person or program ambassador to talk during your stream. You know your audience best! Have fun, show off your skills, and engage your community in a shared mission to power up the fight against SMA.

You know your audience best! Have fun, show off your skills, and engage your community in a shared mission to power up the fight against SMA.

You’re invited to host a charity stream for Cure SMA 24/7 and 365! Many streamers opt to set up a fundraising page then develop a strategy for hosting multiple charity streams throughout the year. In February, we invite streamers around the world come together for our annual Streaming SMAck Down— a week-long fundraising marathon where we stream for good as a global community in honor of Rare Disease Day! Here are some other great times to start your stream:

  • Any date that’s special to you, including your birthday

  • Rare Disease Day (February)

  • Disability Awareness Month (March)

  • SMA Awareness Month (August)

  • Giving Tuesday (November/December)

All funds raised go directly to Cure SMA. For a breakdown of each donation’s impact, check our Dollars at Work infographic. Here is a small sample of where your funds could go:

  • $100 funds an informative medical binder for an individual or family upon receiving an SMA diagnosis

  • $1,000 funds one week of an SMA research project

  • $1,200 funds a motor function assessment with a physical or occupational therapy specialist at a Cure SMA Care Center Network site

  • $5,000 funds the production of a new Care Series Booklet—a useful resource for individuals with SMA, caregivers, and healthcare providers

Cure SMA will issue tax receipts to nay donations that either (1) come in via a stream that is connected to a fundraising page on our website, or (2) through a check made payable to Cure SMA and mailed to its original form to us at
Cure SMA
c/o Stream Sway SMA
925 Busse Rd.
Elk Grove Village, IL, 60007

Please note: Charitable tax receipts cannot be guaranteed for things like cash, in-kind gifts, sponsorship, Instagram/Facebook donations, or donations received on unconnected platforms.